Developing Equanimity

Methods for Developing Equanimity




“Common Humanity”

Just like myself, all beings wish for ____________________
Just like ourselves, all beings wish for ____________________

Just like ourselves……………….


“Common Humanity”

One mother’s child
is every mother’s child…
One father’s child

is every father’s child …

Every being on earth is some mother’s and father’s child….
May we nurture and protect every mother’s and father’s child…

From this wider perspective of…. “common humanity”


“Common Humanity”
“One mother’s child is every mother’s child”

“We are the world…we are the children…
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving

written by Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson


“Common Humanity”

Looking at a personal concern or struggle…
by taking a much broader and much deeper view...
a view from a wider perspective of… “common humanity”

Viewing a particular “struggle” in much broader perspectives of…
the entire geographical expanse of beings living on earth…
over the many thousands of years of beings living on earth

Chart Page 1 : Common Humanity…every place on earth
Pdf of chart below:

Chart Page 2: Common humanity, Shifting out of the reaction
Pdf of chart below:

Reflecting upon various aspects
and potential impacts on oneself and others
of these awarenesses and ideas